Riina Varts

Executive Coaching & Consulting

About me

I am a self-employed Executive Coach from Estonia. I have a corporate background in HRM.  I work with organizations, teams and people who lead, develop and empower others.

My mission is to support the development of executives and organizations.

My professional background is in Human Resources. I started from a specialist position and became a Head of Human Resources of the pan-Baltic banking group, Swedbank. I have participated in several Mergers & Acquisitions of the banks, built up corporate Performance Management Systems and Leadership Development Programmes. I have worked as a Head of Human Resources of Estonian Energy.


The topics I work with are connected with supporting people and people management:

  • from vision, mission and values to daily management
  • recruitment, selection and onboarding
  • performance management
  • motivation and engagement
  • development, support and coaching
  • change management
  • communication and involvement


  • We learn through experience by reflecting.
  • To be entitled to manage others you have to first be able to manage yourself.
  • If you manage people you have to be sure where you take them.
  • ‘Festina lente!’ (hurry slowly) and know where are you heading.
  • If you don’t give people feedback they will not be able to develop themselves.
  • Listen! Listen by using your two ears and one mouth proportionally!
  • The meaning of life is the meaning you give to your life.
  • Know who you are and what do you want to achieve in life.

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